PNTLR-211A Nitrogen Truck

A truck mounted fired nitrogen pumping unit capable of 180,000 scfh, utilizing a single ACD triplex pump driven by a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine and a fired vaporizer.

All equipment installed and positioned for ease of repairs and maintenance.

Engine: Caterpillar C15 diesel engine, 550 bhp at 1800/2100rpm, 12V system
Air Compressor: BA-921, 15.7cfm
Air Cleaner: Dual Element
Radiator: Radiator with fixed pitch blower fan, 58C Ambient capability
Exhaust: Dry Exhaust manifold, Exhaust elbow for flexible connection, 8“ weld able elbow, 8” flexible fitting, 8” flange
Alternator: Charging alternator, 12V, 115Amp, LH
Starter: Electric starting motor, 12V, LH
Emergency Shutdown: Rig Saver style shutoff

Gauges and Controls

One (1) 82.7 MPa (12,000 psi) analog discharge gauge
One (1) flow processor for electronic digital flow rate and total volume display
Emergency shutdown
Main power on/off switch
Emergency air horn
Pneumatic control valves for suction valve actuators
12 VDC lighting for night operation includes lights mounted above the displacement tanks, slurry tub, and control panel.

Engine Features
Engine start and normal shutdown
Coolant temperature gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Oil temperature gauge
Check engine display
Pneumatic engine throttle control
Tachometer with hour meter
Air pressure gauge

Main Specifications
Capacity: 1967 US gallons @ 95% Full
Dimensions: 80.3” OD x 209” O.A.L.
Design Pressure: 46 psig + Vacuum & Liquid Static Head
Design Temperature: -320°F to 100°F
Design Codes: ASME Section VIII Div 1 CGA 341, TC341, ABSA
Canadian B620-03 c/w TCRN
Insulation: Full Vacuum with Super Wrap Insulation
Manway: Bellows Type with Bolted Cover
Inner Vessel: SA 240 T304 Stainless Steel
Outer Vessel: Carbon Steel (Corten) with Stainless Steel Head and first Shell Course at Piping/Manway End
Internal Baffle: One (1) only Full Cone Type Baffle Nozzles: One (1) only 3” Liquid
One (1) only 2” Liquid
One (1) only 2” Top Fill
One (1) only 2” Pump Return
One (1) only 2” Vapour/Relief System
One (1) only 3/4” PB Coil Liquid
Other: One (1) only Outage Bleed (95%)
One (1) only 4” 0-100 psi Tank Pressure Gauge
One (1) only 1-1/2” Vacuum Evacuation Diaphragm Valve
One (1) only Vacuum Thermocouple & Bellows Valve
One (1) only Jacket Safety Lid
One (1) only 1-1/2” Cryogenic Globe Valve (Vent)
One (1) only 1/2” Road Relief Regulator
One (1) only 1/2" Road Relief Globe Valve
One (1) only 1” Bursting Disc Assembly (Max 69 psig)
One (1) only Pressure Building Coil
Structural: Tank Support Saddles c/w One Pivoting Saddle

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