5x6 Centrifugal Pump

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SERVAgroup®’s SERVApump® 5x6 centrifugal pump is the perfect medium weight pump that’s built to last in the most extreme conditions. It requires minimal mounting space, while being built on a heavy steel frame and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The pump is predrilled to receive a direct drive SAE “C” two or four bolt hydraulic motor with internal splined shaft to eliminate downtime due to misalignment. Built with segmented construction it allows the customer to purchase only those parts necessary for repair.

The pump comes with sacrificial front and rear wear plates. Rubber coated plates are provided, and steel plates are also available for exotic mediums such as Zylene and Toluene. Changing the rotation on the SERVApump® 5x6 is easily accomplished by simply removing, turning, and repositioning the volute, and changing the impeller to match the desired direction of rotation. The open impellers allow the free movement of large particles and extremely heavy abrasive laden slurries and are available in either a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. The impeller is secured to the shaft by a superior designed locking system.

Packing is available in either lip seals or square. Lip seals provide efficient service with a minimal amount of attention, while square packings are available for more severe service conditions, and can easily be replaced without dismantling the pump. Bearings are heavy duty double row inboard for radial thrusts, and a single row outboard for axial thrusts.

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