SERVA stimulation equipment has a proven track record in the world's harshest environments. Based on simple straightforward designs, SERVA stimulation equipment has established itself as a leader in safe reliable stimulation performance.

Another key element in the SERVA line of stimulation equipment is our build to suit capabilities.  We understand the wide variety of conditions and applications in today's oilfield and can work with our customers to custom design equipment to fit their particular application.  With SERVA as an integrated equipment supplier, our product performance is further enhanced by the ability for SERVA equipment controls and communications to work in concert with each other as one integrated stimulation system.

The SERVA stimulation line includes a full complement of standard equipment ranging from fracturing products including frac rigs, blenders, and data vans to coil tubing units and nitrogen equipment. 

All SERVA stimulation equipment is backed by our industry leading service and aftermarket support a group, ensuring your equipment stays on the job and performing at the highest level.


The SERVAgroup line of frac pump equipment is the powerhouse of our fully integrated line of stimulation equipment.

Coil Tubing

SERVAgroup manufactures coil-tubing units in a variety of configuration for a multitude of well-site applications.


The SERVAgroup line of blending products provides state of the art blender technology that is simple to use and easy to maintain.

Hydration Units

SERVAgroup offers a full line of standalone hydration and chemical additive systems for a multitude of stimulation applications.

Data Vans

Featuring increased performance, SERVAgroup's Data Vans represent the latest technology in well site communications and coordination.

Pump Skids

SERVAgroup offers twin and single pump skid systems for a multitude of stimulation and coil tubing operations.

Chemical Additive Units

SERVA is one of only a handful of manufacturers providing automated chemical additive units.

Twin Fluid Pumpers

SERVA now offers both 600HPand 1000HP Twin Pumper Units