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SERVA QPA-1000 Quintuplex Plunger Pump

SERVA QPA-1000 Quintuplex Plunger Pump

SERVA QPA 1000 Quintuplex Plunger Pumps are good for high-pressure well service. Each pump is equipped with a gear case. The Quintuplex Pump is designed to pump cement slurries, sand-laden fluids, crude oil, acids, mud and other oil well servicing fluids.


Power End

  • Rated maximum brake horsepower: 1,000 bhp
  • Maximum rod load: 100,000 lbs
  • Stroke length: 6"
  • Gear ratio: 4.6:1
  • Plunger: 3" to 4.5"
  • Pump weight: 7,000 lbs

Power End Features

  • Crankshaft construction
  • Pressure-lubricated wrist pins through crankshaft
  • Ground, honed crosshead guides
  • Proprietary crosshead coating
  • Left or right gearbox mounting
  • 16 input drive positions
Product Highlights
  • Forged alloy steel mono-block fluid end with removable stuffing box
  • Valve-over-valve fluid end
  • Left- or right-side suction and discharge connections
  • Suction manifold with Victaulic connections
  • Hard-coated plungers
  • High-performance header-ring style packing
  • Center-gauge connection
  • Fabricated steel suction manifold
  • Replaceable alloy steel wing-guided valves
  • Replaceable urethane valve inserts