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SERVA TPH 400 Triplex Pumps

SERVA TPH 400 Triplex Pumps

SERVA TPH 400 Triplex Pumps are good for high-pressure well service. Each pump is equipped with an integral gear reduction box. The Triplex Pumps are designed to pump cement slurries, sand-laden fluids, crude oil, acids, mud and other oil well servicing fluids.


Power End

  • Companion flange: 1800 Series Spicer
  • Input spline: 3"–10" (7.62 cm)
  • Input speed w/8.6:1 gears: 2,400 rpm maximum
  • Maximum input torque: 7,215 ft-lb
  • Maximum input horsepower: 600 hp
  • Maximum rod load: 175,800 lbs

Fluid End

  • Fluid-end type: Three-piece forged steel
  • Plunger type: Hard-surfaced
  • Valve type: Double stem guided, carburized
  • Valve seats: Carburized
  • Pressure packing: High-performance packing
  • Discharge flange: (1) Blank, straight with one outlet or (2) ell with two outlets
Product Highlights
  • Gear train: Steel worm and bronze ring w/8.6:1 ratio (standard)
  • Crankshaft: Forged steel, four main bearings
  • Connecting rods: Forged aluminum, split caps and insert bearings
  • Crossheads: Cast steel
  • Case: High-strength steel weldment
  • Bearing type: Roller and race
  • Oil system: Gear pump driven off worm (std) or remote
  • Oil filter: Replaceable elements and magnetic strainer
  • Oil capacity: 22 USG
  • Oil pressure: 80 to 100 psi